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Inhalation Sedation


The Sunlight Dental Practice accepts referrals for children and adults under inhalation sedation,
using nitrous oxide and oxygen. This treatment is ideal for mild-moderately anxious patients, and for children who have limited dental experience but require treatment such as restorations, extractions of deciduous teeth or orthodontic extractions.


  • ASA grade I or II: either fit and well, or mild systemic disease that is well controlled
  • Normal range BMI
  • Ideally 6 years and above: younger children tend not to be able to sit in chair and follow instructions adequately for it to work
  • Some compliance from patient: severely anxious patients who will not sit in the chair are highly unlikely to be able to accept treatment under inhalation sedation and likely require referral for IV sedation or GA
  • Able to breathe adequately through their nose
  • Please include xrays if possible: this can be a good indicator for if they will accept some treatment under inhalation sedation


If you would like to refer your patient to Sunlight Dental Practice for treatment with inhalation sedation, you can be assured that your patient will be in very experienced hands. Our dentists will assist with all aspects of your patient’s treatment, from planning and preparations to follow-up appointments. You are welcome to accompany your patient at any stage of the treatment process. Once treatment is successfully completed, the patient will be returned to you for continued care at your practice.

If you have any patients that would benefit from treatment under inhalation sedation, then please
use the form below to refer to us. Once treatment has been completed, the patient will be returned
to you for continued care.

Referral Form
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Available at these Practices

The Sandstone Dental Practice

Table of Contents

Refer A Patient

Step 1: Fill out our short referral form.

Step 2: We will contact your patient to arrange a consultation.

Step 3: The consultation will include a thorough dental examination and an informal, jargon-free discussion about how we can create the patient’s desired outcome. X-rays and photographs will be taken, and CT scans arranged if the patient is happy to go ahead with treatment.

Step 4: Both you and your patient will receive a detailed report and treatment plan.

Step 5: Treatment will be carried out at The Sandstone Dental Practice and schedule a follow-up appointment.

Step 6: Once treatment has successfully completed, your patient will be returned to your care.

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