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Sunlight Dental Practice are delighted to accept referrals for radiology services, which include:

2D Projections

Standard pan

Half pan

Ortho Rad No TMJ better spacing of teeth

Frontal dentition

Low Dose

Bitewing (single or Bilateral)


TMJ (standard/single phase)

3D programmes

Full Dentition

Single Jaw Maxilla or Mandible

Mandibular Teeth - sectional

High Definition or Standard

Maxillary teeth - sectional

High Definition or Standard



Ceph Projections

Latero-Lateral – small

Latero-Lateral - medium

Latero-Lateral Large


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Available at these Practices

Sunlight Dental Practice

Table of Contents

Refer A Patient

Step 1: Fill out our short referral form.

Step 2: We will contact your patient to arrange a consultation.

Step 3: The consultation will include a thorough dental examination and an informal, jargon-free discussion about how we can create the patient’s desired outcome. X-rays and photographs will be taken, and CT scans arranged if the patient is happy to go ahead with treatment.

Step 4: Both you and your patient will receive a detailed report and treatment plan.

Step 5: Treatment will be carried out at The Sandstone Dental Practice and schedule a follow-up appointment.

Step 6: Once treatment has successfully completed, your patient will be returned to your care.

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